Managed Care

Case Management Services

  CareSys provides customized managed care services and technology solutions for workers’ compensation and disability management, resulting in reduced costs and increased administrative efficiency.   CareSys’ case management services oversee every aspect of an employee injury to ensure appropriate treatment and early return-to-work. Case managers maintain communication with the injured employee, treating provider, claims administrator and employer and utilize highly-flexible case management software to provide real-time information and reports. The combination of this “personal touch” with our specialized information systems produces documented cost savings and high-quality results.   


Early Intervention Philosophy
Timely and continuous communication with injured employee, employer, medical provider(s), and claims agent to facilitate a collaborative return-to-work effort
Consistency – same case manager follows case from first report of injury to case closure
All activity reported via EDI or web browser
Comprehensive medical history maintained in the event of a disputed claim
Consultation with physician advisors if treatment falls outside accepted standards of care
System flexibility allows the inclusion of specific state statutes or guidelines for work-related injuries
Interface with client-specific treatment and disability duration guidelines
Effective integration with first report of injury services, bill review, provider networks and IMEs
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